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Project Description:

Framing and Building Envelope

The Hilton Garden Inn

Left photo: during
Right photo: after

Our scope of construction capabilities includes Reconstruction, Restoration, Renovation, Mountain Projects, and a Residential & Small Projects Division.

As a successful construction company, AGS seamlessly ties together critical elements of a project. We take great pride in the management of large multi-task projects, along with the ability to work small projects into the schedule without reducing their importance.

Unsurpassed Quality at a Fair Price

AGS Estimate and Management Teams have extensive backgrounds in construction. With our experience, your job is completed with the highest standards. The AGS staff assigned to your project are full-time employees. During peak work months, AGS employs as many as 100 construction professionals on our crews. We self-perform work whenever possible. If it is in the client’s best interest, we bring in companies who we have thoroughly vetted to ensure the work is done correctly and on time.

Our Process

AGS uses a six-step approach to projects: Pre-Construction, Mobilization, Commencement, Daily Quality Assurance/Quality Checks, Status/Communications and Project Closeout/Approval. Each phase of the project will have its own uniqueness, but each will follow a specific project plan which is customized for each project and implemented for all phases to be completed. We take great pride in making sure all parties are well informed throughout and the project and our communications will occur frequently throughout the process to all interested and in ways that fit your schedule.

AGS brings three areas of focus into each job to ensure project success:

  • Planning: We design a comprehensive plan before anyone shows up on-site. This has a direct correlation to the success of any project. We review cost estimates, schedules, and on-site logistics with the team. We make sure client’s priorities are addressed. Since weather and other unforeseen issues can occur, our logistics planning covers any potential problems.
  • On-site project management: Our team takes the plan to the site and we get the job done. Our approach establishes priorities for each project. We strive to identify issues prior to beginning the project. If conflicts arise, we have processes in place to quickly resolve them to minimize consequences. An AGS supervisor oversees each job—their years of experience and leadership skills ensure the project seamlessly moves forward. Each project is discussed on a regular basis with the project managers to ensure no surprises are waiting for the client. We believe a rapid resolution is key to minimizing any issues that may arise.
  • Subcontractor guidance (if applicable): In the event AGS feels it is in the best interest of the client to bring in a subcontractor, their tasks and management are integrated into the project management. Our project managers create and maintain communication, safety and quality expectations, and schedules. AGS takes complete responsibility for our subcontractors.