Instrusive Testing

AGS Construction performs Intrusive Testing on building envelopes and building interiors. With extensive experience in the construction industry, our team of professionals are the experts. Through our destructive and intrusive testing, we can provide an estimate of repairs and post litigation reconstruction.

The AGS team will ensure that every step is surgical and thoroughly documented through our approach by working with the engineer in order to detect any flaw.  By making a precise cut out of specific section of your building, the professionals will be able to evaluate the layers that make up the building. This will allow us to document all aspects of what is being assessed. Once this is done, the AGS team will then put the building back together as if we were never there.

Once we have become familiar with your building through the intrusive testing, our experts will be able to provide an estimate of repairs. Understanding the costs associated with the project, based on the engineer’s discoveries and recommendations will provide you information on the necessary repairs, restoration and reconstruction to restore your building.

We understand what it takes to be successful in the litigation with Construction Defect cases. Our surgical and detailed team that relies on communication and documentation is what makes AGS Construction Inc. the perfect choice to assist in your construction defect case.

AGS has worked with many of the defect engineering firms, if you have not begun to work with an engineer, we would be happy to make referrals. Please call 303-933-6652.